Friday, November 11, 2005

"Remember Me"

Lately I have become concerned about the people I represent. I no longer see the Pride in your eyes that I once seen when I traveleddown your streets in the Veterans Day parades and on the 4th of July. The people that once saluted me and those that held their hand over their heart as I passed now just look around to see whatothers are doing.

Could it be that they don't see me? This is what it must be, because I haven't changed. I am still the same flag that accompanied so many of our countrymen as they defended this great country.

As I wave in the breeze I am waving for each and ever one of them.I represent the people of this country and not the disappointmentyou may have with our Government. I have never had a vote in anything.I stand for the freedom that the people have given to this country.
You are the heroes, not the Government.

You are the ones that go to work each day and do what is necessaryto see that the children have clothes and shoes and plenty of food.
That is why I call you heroes. This is the spirit that I represent.
This is why I was created, as a constant reminder to the people ofAmerican that with pride in our country and a strong belief in God we can over come any obstacle that is put in our path. We are still the greatest country in the world. WE ARE AMERICA.

So the next time you pass by me just give me a wink or allow a
glimmer of pride or just a simple wave to let all the soldiers that
have died so you can live free and I can fly free will know that theirsacrifice was not in vain.

Your Flag

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