Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Believe it or Not!!!!

The Tale of the Magic Rock Apes

Okay, now sit down now, boys and girls - it's story time! Shhhh.... Once upon a time, billions of years ago, there was nothing. Suddenly, magically, the nothing exploded into something. That something is called hydrogen. Can you say "hydrogen?" I knew you could. This hydrogen eventually cooled down enough to condense into solid rock. It was magic rock. Inert and lifeless, but still magical. And then, magically, water formed in the sky above the rock. The waters rained on the rock for, oh, let's say billions of years. Some of the rock broke down into minerals, and these minerals washed into a pool of water.

Then one day some of these minerals magically formed into a kind of goo in the pool of water. Can you say "goo?" I knew you could. Well do you know what happened then? That's right! The goo magically became ALIVE. So anyway, this bit of magic goo magically found something to eat. Then, magically, it found another bit of magic goo to marry, and they had a whole bunch of magical little goos. Eventually - millions of years later - some of this goo grew up into all the plants and animals in the world around us. If it's alive, it came from that first bit of magic goo! Well, more time went on. Finally some of this goo magically evolved - can you say "evolved?" I knew you could - some of this goo magically evolved upwards and upwards, growing ever more advanced, bigger, stronger, smarter, until it became a kind of magical hairless ape with thumbs.

And do you know who those apes are? That's right! They're YOU and ME! We are the magic rock apes! And you know what else? Someday we'll evolve enough that we'll become the God we all know doesn't exist. Now take a nap.






  1. You do know that you can be critical of science without being ignorant right? The reason you are able to spread your views all over the internet is due to hundreds if not thousands of years of scientific thinking and understanding. Just think of all the science and subsquent development of technology, which led to more science, technology, etc. that had to happen before something like the internet could possibly exist. Since you don't seem to question the work of these past scientists, why would you choose to question the work of scientists who happen to be studying the origins of the universe, or life on Earth? Just because the science that they happen to study contrasts with your narrow ideology? These scientists use the exact same process to develop their conclusions. Why should anybody listen to what you have to say? "The Tale of the Magic Rock Apes?", please, At least take the time to learn what it is you are criticising so that you may have some credibility.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. It's nice to know someone is actually seeing it.